Wild West Photographs

Wild West Photographs

Take a trip to a simpler yet more dangerous era, and take some pictures to show your friends. With Jackson Hole’s many photo studios, you can dress up in a variety of vintage costumes for an old time look that’ll keep your reminiscing and laughing for years. Get your wild west photographs today!

old time photographsWhether you’re celebrating a wedding or just going on vacation, stop by one of the city’s studios for this playful type of photography. Depending on which one you choose, you can select a saloon background, a homestead scene, or a Victorian era set. Dress up with a wide variety of props, from hats and vests to six-shooters, and let the photographer do the rest. Sepia and retro color tones are used to finish the pictures in order to give them that perfect old-fashioned look. 

Come alone or bring a group of friends. Each studio and set varies in capacity, but most allow for 12-15 people, and some up to 25. Prints can be done in a matter of minutes, so don’t worrying about the next stop on your vacation—you’ll get there with plenty of time to spare, and with a set of entertaining, western photographs in hand.

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