Llama Trekking

Jackson Hole Llama Trekking

Meet man’s new best friend: the llama! On these llama trekking day trips, you’ll enjoy Wyoming’s beautiful countryside while accompanied by these well-socialized, camel-like creatures. 

llama trekkingYou have many options when you go “llama trekking.” Head into Yellowstone or Jedediah Smith Wilderness for a leisurely, multi-day, sightseeing trek. The typical pace is just four to seven miles per day, so there’s ample time to go hiking or fishing, and to eat the delicious foods provided by your guides. Day hikes are also available for those whose schedules are more restricted. 

The whole time you’ll travel with ease, since the llamas are such excellent company; they’ll carry your tent, bags, clothing, and anything else you don’t want to hold. Meanwhile, your guide will teach you about the history of llama packing, in addition to the habitat that surrounds you.

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