Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting

 Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting

 The area around Jackson Hole is one that’s typically seen by way of land tours. Hiking and 4×4 excursions are particularly prevalent. At the same time, however, one of the best methods for not only viewing but also for experiencing western Wyoming’s spectacular natural wonders is with a Jackson Hole whitewater rafting tour or a scenic float. Jackson Hole is home to the Snake River, and with the Snake River comes several possibilities for soaking up the sights while simultaneously getting soaked!

jackson hole whitewater rafting 

Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting

Conquer some of the country’s most famous rapids with this whitewater-rafting trip on the Snake River. On a highly maneuverable, eight-man raft, you’ll navigate your way through Big Kahuna, Double Draw, and Lunch Counter, and finish the eight-mile route with plenty of time to spare for additional afternoon fun in Jackson Hole!


 The classic trip is an eight-mile run through the Grand Canyon of the Snake River. Starting around West Table, you’ll traverse an array of Class II and III rapids while paddling with your fellow guests in a 14-person raft. It’s an exciting experience, and yet, it’s appropriate for all levels of experience and nearly every age! During this two-hour downstream journey, you’ll encounter the two most famous rapids on the Snake River, Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter. There’s also Three Oar Deal and Ropes. After that, it’s onto the small-yet-turbulent Champagne Rapids, before finishing up near Sheep Gulch.

 For something even more exhilarating, try a Jackson Hole whitewater rafting trip on an eight-man raft. The smaller size of the vessel means that you’ll feel the tosses and turns more directly, and that you’ll need to paddle a lot more. It’s a great workout, and an even better way to get wet, as the small raft drops, rises, and pulls in every direction imaginable!

 At the same time, however, Snake River expeditions aren’t all about the whitewater rapids; they’re also about the sights around you. You’ll discover hills that are flush with lodgepole pine trees, amazing views of the Grand Tetons and Grey’s National Forest, and towering limestone cliffs right beside the waterway. And, of course, when you’re not focusing all your efforts on keeping your raft steady, you’ll want to shift your attention and keep your eyes peeled for potential bald eagle and peregrine falcon sightings in the sky, as well as moose and elk on the shoreline.

Scenic Float 

Jackson Hole Scenic Float Adventure

Everyone needs a little peace and relaxation, right? On this three-hour scenic float, that’s exactly what you get. As the Grand Tetons overshadow you, you’ll cruise down the Snake River on the lookout for animals of all shades, shapes, and sizes.


 If what we’ve just said has piqued your interest, perhaps even more than the exhilaration of Jackson Hole whitewater rafting does, then you can consider a scenic float, or even a combination trip that maximizes your time on the Snake River with both a smooth and a bumpy section. Floats last between eight- and 13-miles, and allow you to relax as a guide rows you down the streams. With nothing to worry about, you’ll be able to concentrate on your view of the Tetons, as well as the area wildlife.

 Finally, combination Jackson Hole whitewater rafting trips can last anywhere from 16-to-21 miles, depending on how much time you have available. In the middle or at the end of these longer journeys, you’ll receive a meal, which could be anything from a boxed lunch to a dinner of steak and potatoes, depending on your schedule and budget. Or, if you book an overnight combination float-and-raft, you’ll get dinner and breakfast.

 Simply put, Jackson Hole whitewater rafting has a water adventure for any and all. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the whitewater, or the peace of a float, the Snake River has got you covered. For more Jackson Hole tour information, Click Here

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