About Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want to experience America’s inspiring western landscapes, then Jackson Hole is a great location to visit at any time of year. Jackson Hole is located near two of America’s top natural treasures: Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton.

The region has a substantial number of mountains, with a 48-mile-long valley, and peaks that are at 6,779 above sea level. There are also many scenic waterways that pass through Jackson Hole, including the Snake River, which starts in Yellowstone’s high country, and is the confluence of several others.  In addition, there are various lakes located nearby, including Jackson Lake, Grand Teton, and more.

Due to Jack Hole’s natural surroundings, it’s the perfect place for an outdoor excursion. Visit the Jackson Hole Adventure Center for opportunities to try your hand at a variety of activities, such as whitewater rafting, fishing, or horseback riding. Or for some great wildlife expeditions, try a safari-like tour with the Teton Science Schools, where you’ll be accompanied by a professional biologist.

If you want to see the surrounding area from above, you’ve got a lot of choices, too. Jackson Hole is home to a variety of companies that will put you up in the sky by way of plane, hot air balloon, or hang gliding, in order to provide you with the aerial perspective you’re seeking.

Alternatively, skip the thrills and stay inside for something more educational. Jackson Hole is home to multiple museums, including the National Museum of Wildlife Art; the Museum of the Mountain Man, which offers an overview of the Western fur trade of the early 19th century; and the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum, which features 28 mounted dinosaurs, including the 106-ft.-long Supersaurus skeleton.

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