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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole tours get you out into the wilderness. If you possess an outdoorsman’s spirit, then there may be no better area in the country better for you than Jackson Hole – gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Snake River. 

Yellowstone National Park Tours Your choice of Jackson Hole tours really starts with opportunities to explore the wildlife and sights of Yellowstone. This 20-million-acre park, which happens to be the oldest national park in the country, is considered a megafauna habitat due to its 50+ mammalian species, including bison, bears, lynxes, and wolves. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that many Jackson Hole tours, led by trained naturalists, focus on the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. Additionally, a great number of hiking, sightseeing and winter snowmobile tours to Yellowstone stop at the park’s main attractions. We promise: you’ve never seen anything like it! 

Grand Teton Nation Park – At the same time, however, many Jackson Hole tours focus on Grand Teton National Park, due to its legendary Teton Mountain Range and miles of pristine hiking trails. The park is named after the tallest mountain in the range, the 13,775-ft. Grand Teton, which towers over the surrounding countryside and even 800 ft. over the range’s second-tallest peak, Mount Owen. This sky-high range is perfect for skiers that are seeking something on the more adventurous side, as helisking tours onto the Tetons can be arranged from Jackson Hole. Wildlife tours are plentiful in Grand Teton National Park, too, due to the potential for animal sightings. While Yellowstone is known for its bison population, Grand Teton is popular for its enormous supply of elk., Moose, pronghorns, bears, and wolves, while bald and golden eagles can occasionally be spotted in the clouds. Even during the winter months, you can go wildlife viewing by way of a snowshoe tour from Jackson Hole. 

White Water Rafting – Another attraction that runs through Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole is the Snake River, one of the main tributaries of the Columbia River. The Snake River is an excellent place to go on a whitewater rafting excursion, a peaceful float, or a fishing trip. Single-day and overnight rafting tours are both available on an eight-mile stretch of the Snake River, which features mostly Class II and III rapids. Float outings, meanwhile, take you down some of the glassier sections of the river, for outstanding views of the Grand Tetons and the Gros Ventre Range; while fishing trips capitalize mostly on the Snake River’s supply of cutthroat and other trout species. 

If what we’ve said seems like too much to do with the amount of time you have available, you may want to take an air tour over Jackson Hole. These exhilarating plane rides can get you where you want to go with amazing efficiency, and they offer viewpoints that are literally impossible to find on the ground.

In short, then, with its national parks and array of wildlife, Jackson Hole tours are an excellent way experience it. Whether you travel by foot, motor coach, snowmobile, or plane, you’re in for some spectacular sights in the great American West!

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